Inheritance Tax Planning

Inheritance Tax (IHT) can often be a subject that is sensitive to approach. Let’s face it; most people don’t like to think about life after they are gone. Because of this, it is an area of financial planning that is often ignored or set aside to think about at another time – sometimes it is then too late.

  • Under current legislation, IHT is often perceived as a voluntary tax. This is because with careful planning, it is possible to reduce or remove any liability altogether. We can discuss your options and put plans in place to help you reduce or remove any liability.
  • There are a number of exempt transfers that can be made without a tax liability including Spouse exemption, annual exemption, marriage gift exemptions – Our consultants can explain these to you and make you aware of the amount and number of transfers you are able to make annually.

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Supporting Literature 

We have produced a range of free guides to help you with your financial planning, including information on inheritance tax plannning, receiving inheritance, retirement options and the latest tax rates. You can download these by filling in your details below or contact us and we can post them to you.

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